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9601 W 165th St., Suite 02
Orland Park, IL, 60467
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Personal Balance Counseling offers clients a safe, warm, and open environment to explore themselves and their life. Counseling at Personal Balance is provided by licensed clinicians who are trained in evidenced based practices to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care.

Increase Motivation And Achieve Goals!

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Our mission at Personal Balance Counseling is to help you achieve a balance in life and wellness.  We strive to improve the overall quality of your life by working with you to learn new skills, cope with difficult situations and deal with hardships.   Improving your mental health requires a personal focus and energy that results in a renewed balance within yourself and with the world around you.  daily balance: a blog is intended to provide you with relevant information to educate and assist you in your journey to improved emotional and mental health.  Enjoy!

Increase Motivation And Achieve Goals!

Cloie McPhail, LPC

Often times we want to make improvements in our lives, and can even visualize those goals being achieved. So why is it so easy to get off track and give up?

It has been shown that excessive focus on the outcome, whether you fail or succeed, can actually impair ones motivation! Not to mention it can sap the energy one has available to put towards meeting their goals. It can be more productive to visualize the journey of reaching your goals than the possible end result. This allows you to anticipate any roadblocks that may occur, as well as pinpoint what actions have been successful and rewarding already. Being able to visualize the journey can better prepare you for the challenges ahead and allow you to plan out possible strategies to overcome them.

Giving yourself small attainable daily challenges, that can serve as stepping stones to your goals, can also be beneficial. These small challenges can increase motivation, determination, improve skills and reinforce the purpose of your journey. Completing these challenges will also leave you with a sense of accomplishment and progress. Never forget to appreciate the day to day steps you take to meet your goals!