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Personal Balance Counseling offers clients a safe, warm, and open environment to explore themselves and their life. Counseling at Personal Balance is provided by licensed clinicians who are trained in evidenced based practices to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care.

Consistency and Structure

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Our mission at Personal Balance Counseling is to help you achieve a balance in life and wellness.  We strive to improve the overall quality of your life by working with you to learn new skills, cope with difficult situations and deal with hardships.   Improving your mental health requires a personal focus and energy that results in a renewed balance within yourself and with the world around you.  daily balance: a blog is intended to provide you with relevant information to educate and assist you in your journey to improved emotional and mental health.  Enjoy!

Consistency and Structure

Michelle Conrad, LCPC, DBTC


Whether it's raising a responsible child, working on fitness, or going to therapy, consistency and structure are key!

Success in life is dictated by a fine balance of consistency and structure with flexibility. In the therapeutic space, consistency and structure are two of the most important aspects.

Why might you ask? Because safety builds trust and trust builds relationships. The therapist and client work to build a relationship to reach certain goals.

Without consistency and structure, safety is not obtained and thus, the relationship is not built on a strong foundation, often lacking the necessities to reach therapeutic goals.

What does consistency and structure look like in therapy?

  • A scheduled weekly appointment. While flexibility is great characteristic for both the therapist and client, consistent appointments are predictable and safe. They become part of the routine and are a commitment to the client, therapist, and the work being done.
  • A specific timeframe. Here at PBC, we try to keep appointments to 45-50 minute time boundary to make sure the necessary work is being done, whatever that may be, without crossing over into others appointment time.
  • A set of boundaries. Boundaries keep the client and therapist safe and influence the building of trust in the work. These boundaries include personal space, universally judgement free zone, and appropriate forms of communication. PBC offers phone coaching using text and email as well as phone calls. As therapists, we do our best to keep these to coaching moments, as email and text can be difficult to truly understand the situation.

Do your best to commit to a schedule and stick to it!